Giving New Life to our Existing Landmarks

Preserving, renovating and restoring our historical structures has many benefits to a community.  By utilizing our existing structures for a continued purpose or new venture, a historic structure can help connect a community to its roots and celebrate its social significance.  When compared to building a brand new structure, restoring or re-purposing a structure can achieve both economic and sustainable gains, as well as provide a unique contribution to the architectural interest of a city.

However, historic preservation has many challenges that are unique in construction.  The existing condition is often not certain before construction starts, requiring flexibility and creative problem-solving.  The contractor must have incredible attention to detail in order to ensure the building is restored according to the owner’s wishes.  Effective communication is key as there are often many stakeholders involved.  Additionally, part of the facility may need to remain operational during construction.

Korte & Luitjohan works with the owners, designers, and stakeholders of a historic structure in order to successfully execute each project.  Using an adaptive approach, new life is given to our existing structures, including:

  • National Historic Landmarks
  • National Register of Historic Places
  • Historic Municipal Buildings
  • Historic Educational Facilities
  • Re-purposed Manufacturing Buildings

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