Fatal Four – Part 2 – Prevent Electrocution


This  month we look at preventing electrocution hazards as part of a Fatal  Four Safety Series.  Every day at project job sites, we are tasked with  ensuring the safe use of electricity.  From the time we set up temporary  power, to the lock-out / tag-out of systems during equipment  installation, and until deliver of a finished product, we must be diligent with electrical safety.

How Electricity Affects The Body

How electricity affects your body.

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Safety  is a priority on every Korte & Luitjohan job site. To help protect our  workers and subcontractors from injury or death due to electrocutions,  we educate, train,  identify and remove electrical hazards.

Our Electricity Safety plans include:

  • Proper temporary power setup
  • Lock out / Tag out systems during equipment installation
  • Locate and identify utilities before starting work
  • Look for overhead power lines when operating any equipment
  • Safe distance requirements from power lines
  • Grounded or double insulated portable electric tools
  • Use ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) for protection
  • Being alert to electrical hazards when working with ladders, scaffolds, or other platforms